Monday, 6 January 2014

Wow! Go left field !

Still gift wrapping after Christmas, but now the conversation has turned to the weather. That is, the conversation that goes on whilst you wrap a customers purchases, 
 ' I bet you hate gift wrapping when you get home ....' 

is now,
'Isn't it awful, the weather is...'

So just to shake things up, because actually , I don't hate gift wrapping. I love it, wrapping gifts means I am not searching through a giant tip of western, 'Feel good' recycling, looking for stuff I can sell to feed my kids, I decided to say something a bit controversial. 

'Blah , Blah, Blah weather....'

'I don't know sir, on a day like today I find it helps to remember we are on a ball in space spinning round. How mad is that?'

Do you know, he went a bit white and was really quiet until I finished. 


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